Summer Programs

UT GEAR UP for College Summer Camp 

The UT GEAR UP for College Summer Camp is a fiveday intensive college readiness and prep program. The experience of living on a college campus combined with an engaging curriculum focused on academics, softskills, and financial literacy helps prepare your GEAR UP student to enter and succeed in postsecondary education. Students take part in activities that build character, discipline, vision, creativity, listening skills, problem solving, teamwork, public speaking, and more. Students also receive SAT/ACT test taking prep, financial aid information, and begin designing their own road map to college portfolio.

GEAR UP camp pic
Students in DC

UT GEAR UP Summer Bus Tour 

The UT GEAR UP Summer Bus Tour is a sixday intensive college readiness and prep program for rising high school seniors and juniors. The experience of touring out of state, highly selective colleges combined with an engaging curriculum focused on academics, softskills, and financial literacy will helps prepare GEAR UP students to enter and succeed in postsecondary

UT Austin Dell Med Health Sciences Summer Camp

The UT Austin Dell Medical School Health Sciences Summer Camp is program that exposes GEAR UP students to opportunities in the health professions. Students enjoy handson science experiments, interact with health professionals from various fields, spend time with
outstanding camp counselors and much more! In the same simulation labs where medical and nursing students train, camp participants learn basic clinical skills such as administering IVs, performing intubations, drawing blood and taking vital signs. Students also engage in a range of laboratory science, discover how technology can aid modern medicine and earn First Aid or CPR/AED certification.

Students East Coast Trip


GeoFORCE is a partner out of the UT Austin Jackson School of Geosciences that provides summer academies which introduce GEAR UP students to geological wonders throughout the United States. GeoFORCE academies are led by Jackson School professors, research scientists, and industry professionals. Each summer, students visit a different region in the US and through inclass coursework and handson fieldwork, students learn about the formation of the Earth and the geological processes that shape it.

Texas A&M University Construction Science Academy 

The Texas A&M Construction Science Academy provides a unique interdisciplinary handson experience for GEAR UP students designed to acquaint participants with the study of and potential careers in the construction management industry. GEAR UP students are led by faculty and staff from Texas A&M University School of Architecture Construction Science Department in a program that focuses on introducing students the construction industry, project management, building leadership skills, college readiness and professional development. During the program, students visit live construction sites and interact with industry professionals to learn about the different postsecondary and career options possible in the
construction science industry.

TAMU CS students

NCCEP/GEAR UP Conference- Youth Leadership Summit


The Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) helps GEAR UP high school students identify and maximize their leadership skills, create a national network of peers, and obtain the tools and training to make positive change happen in their communities and around the world. Over 3.5 days, the YLS enhances participants’ ability to speak confidently, work effectively in teams, and builds their capacity to lead. The program culminates with a student-led presentation to the NCCEP/GEAR UP Annual Conference attendees.